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Hi - I'm Loye Ellen

I always complained about my thin whimpy hair and that it would always break off before it would grow long.

My then boyfriend and now husband, had always notice how great the girl's hair looked when they came in to get their hair extentsion's done at the salon where he got his hair cut at. So, in 1992, he gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to get extensions and after much resistance, I got them.

Well, let me tell you how it changed my life!! I knew this was something I'd do forever! My hair was gorgeous!! I absolutally could not believe it.

I became immediate friends with Susie, the girl that owned the Salon and who did my hair. So when she moved her Salon to her home, so she could be home for her two young teenage sons, she took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew about extensions. I will always be grateful for the wonderful gift and the career I have today, thanks to her knowledge.

Women have been braiding their hair all over the world for thousands of years, there is nothing more natural! With my micro-braid method, there are no chemicals like glue or the acetone used to remove the glue. This is important, especally if you already have processed or damaged hair.

I use 100% human hair, or you can bring you own. I specialize in custom blening to match your own hair color. I can add highlights or lowlights, two-tone, chunks, or anything you want without damaging your own hair. There is no better solution to a bad hair cut or to make a huge change in your appearance!

Look younger, healthier, and feel happier with a custom blended hair extension.

Hair extensions are perfect for weddings, proms, and just about any special occasions! They are an affordable solution to quickly repair the look of badly damaged hair, badly cut hair, or a way to add volume to thin hair. Now, there is no need to suffer with thin hair due to changing health, menapause, or chemotherapy.

Have the hair you have always wanted & and have it now!

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Don't wait...see what a hair extension can do for you!